American Dilemma

My son is obsessed
with a passion
to go back to Burger King,
even though he knows full well
that when he tells them
to hold the pickle, hold the lettuce,
all he will end up with
is a Hot ‘n’ Juicy
with mustard and ketchup.
He will not be enticed by
jacks jumping out of boxes
or inspired by Ronald
fending off a Hamburglar.
Impatient with restaurants
that will not start without him,
disdainful of places without
drive-in windows,
he remains, despite all efforts
to the contrary,
a most faithful
subject of the King.

This piece is from a poetry-writing class I took decades ago. Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers of a certain age are sure to remember these sentiments, were they to hear any of the clever commercials which gave rise to them.

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