David Bowie Articles

David Bowie News (DBN) is a British fan site owned by Nick Vernon. Articles I’ve written for the site are aimed at an audience ranging from lifelong Bowie fans–many with their own Bowie sites–to newbies and casual readers.

My articles fall into two categories. First is the “Loving the Bowie Voice(s)” playlist series consisting of Bowie songs with a common theme. The second category has no single focus and even includes an experimental blog-within-a-blog, The Bowie & Bowie Ltd. Blog.

That said, here are links to the articles.


Playlist 1: That Voice
Playlist 2: A Voice for Every Emotion
Playlist 3: In the Center of it All…His Eyes
Playlist 4: The Political Octaves
Playlist 5: Let’s Dance in Walmart!
Playlist 6: Ziggy Does Iggy


Another Splendid Crop of BOWIE FAN-tastic Tweets
The Bowie & Bowie Ltd. Blog: “Space Oddity” Issue
Bowie’s 1983 Message About Australian Racism Against Aboriginals Still Relevant in 2016
Bowie’s Baby Boomers: Still Rockin’ After all These Years
Rockin’ the Planet: Davidbowie 342843
The Starman’s Walk of Fame Star Turns 20
Time to Start Cherry-Picking Favorite Bowie Fan Tweets
The Continuing Allure of Aladdin Sane and the Lightning Bolt
Embracing the Black Star


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